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About Us


After a 50-year successful career that spanned some of the East Coast’s most innovative restaurant concepts, Chef Dean Lynch thought he had retired.  One day, after losing half of yet another oily, flavorless tortilla chip in his favorite guacamole, he decided to take to the kitchen.  Experimenting with flavors from his international cuisine training, Chef Dean knew that the secret to robust flavor is in the perfect blend of subtle spices. He began by slow-cooking a rich broth reduction over several days.  Seeking to avoid the oily, flimsy texture of traditional tortilla chips, he combined his broth with a coarser grind of corn to make his recipe. Lightly frying them for only a few seconds in healthier oils and dusting them with salt, his first batch was a hit. He knew he was onto something!  Inspired by traditional taco flavors, while seeking to incorporate the best ingredients in the world, he carefully sourced Persian lime oil, sea salt, and a proprietary blend of herbs from all over the world.  Blended with his base ingredients farmed in the U.S., Chef Dean created flavors that are a unique blend reminiscent of the taco, yet with a taste all their own.  Crafted in small batches for quality with baked-in flavor that stands up to the heartiest of dips, Dean Street Taco Chips are in a category by themselves!  

Are you ready to change your chip? 

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